Ultimo Dragon Productions
Established October 14, 2004
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Founder Ultimo Dragon
Owner Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon Productions is a promotion under the Toryumon banner used whenever Ultimo Dragon promotes a show in Japan. Like DragonDoor, El Dorado, and SECRET BASE, it uses the "event" premise where all shows are treated as major events. This is largely due to the few number of shows Ultimo promotes along with an emphasis on special guests being the primary attraction as opposed to graduates of the Ultimo Dragon Gym.


Since the split with Dragon Gate in July 2004, Ultimo stepped away from promoting shows in Japan and instead primarily wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling. After giving Toryumon X a proper finale, Ultimo promoted Dragon Fire ~The Final Challenge~, which was seen as a send off before he concentrated his efforts in Mexico and making fewer trips to Japan. His appearances in Japan in 2005 would through DragonDoor and would be under the guise of a different gimmick such as The Tiger and Tiger Dragon.

When DragonDoor closed and El Dorado opened in its place in 2006, the promotion decided to operate without Ultimo's involvement, feeling his bringing in his friends from Mexico was one of the reasons for DragonDoor's failure. As a result, Ultimo would return to promoting shows, this time on a limited basis due to his schedule in Mexico and wrestling for other promotions in Japan. The primary focus of the shows would be on his lucha libre comrades along with friends in Japan and introducing the 4th Class of graduates from the Ultimo Dragon Gym.

While the shows would not carry the Toryumon name, they were nonetheless under the Toryumon banner as they use Toryumon ring mats.


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